This thing we call Incite


I thought maybe because I am the proud owner of Incite, an even prouder US Army veteran, an aspiring CrossFit Athlete, Tonto Basin Legend and shuffle board champion, survivor of growing up in Stockton, California (yikes), proud father of two active duty service members and a better than average husband, that just maybe I have earned the right to write the first BLOG on our brand new website.

Alrighty Forrest enough of that…

Incite is an incredible community of athletes, of all levels, that strive to be better people. In 2014, I walked through the door with my beautiful wife Tami, looking for a something different. Something that would deliver a challenge, and change the course of my physical health, that seemed to be in a death spiral.  This, of course, is after walking into another local a Box where an arrogant “pornstach” wearing coach boasted that he would see me in the morning to “crush”. Yeah, not a good plan.  Instead, at Incite, this nice lady named Erin appeared when we walked through the door. Luckily for you, Erin can still be found coaching inside of Incite today!

Erin offered us a very fair appraisal of CrossFit and Incite.  “Hey, this stuff isn’t easy, it’s not meant to be.  But if you give me your best effort and come consistently, I promise you this community will deliver you whatever level you are searching for and more.”  Community? I didn’t come for a social club. What Coach Erin didn’t know was that the chubby guy standing in front of her was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure.  In my mind, Erin wasn’t selling me a membership, she offered me a opportunity to change my life and was honest that it wouldn’t be easy.

I took her up on that offer.  Today this same guy is not pre-diabetic, doesn’t have high blood pressure or high triglycerides and is about 40lb lighter. It didn’t take 4 years either. Was it easy? Nope. Was it quick? Well if I would have submitted sooner to the CrossFit methodology it probably would have been – but the journey has been awesome.

The truth is I have had four “globo gym” memberships.  Can’t tell you anything about those places or the people in them.  I can tell you they sold me a membership I never used.  Their fault? In some ways. 

This is where that community thing comes into play.  I know everyone at Incite and their families – because we are a family.  In the military there is this concept called “the suck” and we embrace it. It’s not optional.  The simple way to look at it is you and your buddies will go through some horrendous situations together, and through that, you form an unshakable bond.  At Incite we call those horrendous events “workouts” and as you lay on the floor the bond begins.

I believe so strongly in CrossFit and Incite that in April of 2017 I put my money where my heart was and bought Incite – It has become my “why!”  Not to go to the CrossFit games.  (Have you seen those athletes?!)  My why is to make that same offer Coach Erin made me four years ago to as many people as possible. The opportunity to change the course of their, life driven by CrossFit and a community of folks that want to help you get there.  I can promise you the “globo gym” doesn’t care about that. They actually know you won’t likely be back after three weeks (true detail of that model). 

No waiting in line for equipment. No trying to figure out what to do, how much to do, and how many.  Everyone does the same thing together to the best of their ability, all managed by a coach vested in your success.

So if you really want to make a change, work hard, be around people that our on their own journeys, then I guess we will you soon.  Don’t tell me you need to be in shape to try CrossFit. That is an excuse. Take it from the aforementioned formerly chubby guy mentioned previously.  

Come in, give me your best effort, come consistently, and I promise Incite will change your life.