Shadrach Machua “This gym is awesome, completely changed my outlook on CrossFit, and kicked my butt every workout! If anyone is looking for a great environment to get your pump this is the spot for sure.”

– Shadrach Machua

Jeff Pentecost “Just joined up but it’s been awesome. The people are welcoming, a lot more than I expected! Besides the solid workouts, probably a big reason why people enjoy CrossFit so much is the community. Count me as one of the guys who was always against CrossFit, but this place definitely changed that! And the event they had for The Murph on Memorial day was outstanding, was very proud to be involved.”

– Jeff Pentecost

Jared Snyder “It has changed my life dramatically. I suffered through depression as confidence in body image. I also had very low self-esteem. Since I have been going I have had less self-doubt and more confidence. I have lost a ton of weight and have gotten a lot stronger. Also made some really good friends and people! I still have a lot to go but on the right path. 😀”

– Jared Snyder

Cassidi Klingler “Helped me pull through baby blues from 2 babies (when I don’t go my husband can tell 🙂 ) I have made lots of great friends, and I am hitting PR’s even after I didn’t think I would hit them again! After competing and devoting a year of my life to CrossFit, I didn’t think I would ever be that good again. I am just as fit as ever and still PR’ing in “normal” CrossFit classes, which I think is a testament to the programming!”

– Cassidi Klingler

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