Everyone has their first day jitters.

Yours won’t survive our high five culture.

Welcome to Incite.

By now, we know that everyone in the known universe has heard of CrossFit. What they’ve heard and how they feel about it can vary as much as taste in music. The same can be said for the methodology that each CrossFit gym uses to introduce new people to this lifestyle. We at CrossFit Incite are no exception to this, and feel as though our methodology offers something that you cannot find at any other facility.

As soon as you step through the front door, you will feel the difference between us and everyone else. We know that CrossFit can be incredibly intimidating, especially for those who don’t feel that they’re “in shape” enough to do CrossFit. We are a gym that is built by people who weren’t fit enough to do CrossFit. Until they were. We encompass athletic levels from those who have never lifted a barbell in their life to those who have competed on the national stage. No matter where you’re starting, and no matter where you want to end up, we have a method for you.

Whatever your personal goals are, we are excited to help you crush them in a way you may never have though possible. Any gym can offer you a lifting program or a cardio room, but redundancy and lack of knowhow usually lead us to join a gym, go for 3 weeks, and then use the key card to open doors when our kids accidently lock themselves in their room. Incite is not that place. First of all, we don’t have keycards. Second, you need only show up, because our coaches will have the exactly how’s and the precisely how much’s. While the coaches are helping with the fundamentals, you will not be able to escape any workout without an abundance of encouragement, high fives, and laughs from the amazing community that we have. You will come in new, yes, but you will leave that first day knowing you’re part of something special.

“I walked in to CrossFit Incite 3 months ago, scared out of my mind. Now sure what I was getting myself into and afraid I wouldn’t fit in. Then, I was greeted my the most friendly redhead I had ever seen. She made me feel like I could do anything! During our tour of the box and an explanation of the amazing See Fit Happen Challenge Program there was not one person who didn’t make us feel like we belonged there! This is truly the best I have felt in a very long time! It’s exciting to get strong and stronger each day with people of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life!”

~Charity Rice

During your first visit, we will go over what your goals are, what you’ve tried, and what we will do that will get you to those goals. We will perform a body scan to show us where you will be starting, on a machine that keeps track of your progress. We will pick a plan of action for you that fits your schedule and individual needs. If you choose to join our See Fit Happen Challenge Program, we will assign you a coach for your nutrition and set up your check-in dates and times with this coach. We will sign you up for your nutrition class where you will be taught how to implement your individual nutrition plan. We will set up your first workout class, get your New Athlete welcome package together, and get you on your way!

Through our On Ramp program, we offer workouts tailored to each and every fitness level. You will not be attempting to throw 200 pounds over your head nor will you be required to run a 5k your first week. You will have a coach with you every step of the way who will show you, in detail, and explain, in greater detail, exactly how to move your body in each and every movement you do inside the gym. You will start in a beginners class, surrounded by those who are also new in their CrossFit journey. You will learn the foundations of CrossFit before you start any sort of dynamic movements, but don’t be surprised when you are able to do incredible things inside the gym early on.

“I joined the See Fit Happen Program with no intention of staying at CrossFit Incite. Over the course of the 6 weeks I reached some major fitness goals, like being able to do legit pull-ups, for the 1st time in my life, but that’s not why I stayed. The people at Incite won me over 100%. They motivate, encourage and inspire me. They are kind. They have a love for God and country. Being a CrossFitter takes a special kind of crazy and the people at Incite have become my crazy fit fam.”

~Angie Oliverson

In our See Fit Happen Challenge program, we will teach you how to have a relationship with food that does not leave you starving and will not leave you feeling overwhelmed either. We have proven methods for fat loss, muscle gain, and nutrition-based performance enhancement. We have nutrition coaches who will find the right methodology to meet your specific nutritional needs, and adjust based on your biological cues and how your body responds to the nutrition plan you’re given.

We are ready for you to come in and let us show you why so many athletes become permanent figures in our gym. This crazy amazing place that we all come to sweat, push, lift, run, and progress with one another. We love this family we have at Incite, and would love to add to the family tree!