Do You Need A Nutrition Coach?

What is keeping you from having the body you want?

What kind of health and nutrition habits have you created?

If you’re feeling a little guilty right about now, that’s ok. We’ve been there too. That moment we realize we need to change some habits in our lives is the first step in the journey to improving your nutrition and overall health. It’s a huge moment! Working out is so important for our health, and it is a great habit to develop. There are also many other factors to great health that play a major part in our individual health. Some of those factors are sleep, recovery, and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). NEAT, in lay terms, is how active you are OUTSIDE your normal gym routine. Other factors that can play a role in our individual health are resistance training, TEF (Thermic Effect of Food), and how we manage stress in our lives. As you can see, health and nutrition has a myriad of aspects!


Why you need a macro coach

You can “eat healthy”, cut calories, change when and what you’re eating, but without the right changes and specific adjustments, it could all be for naught. We can help you navigate your health and fitness habits. Our amazing nutrition coaches can help you build new habits and help you reach all your goals!



We all know calories are king, and the way to lose body fat is to be in a caloric deficit where you’re burning more calories than you consume. How those calories are dispensed is the key. Enter Macros. Macronutrients, macros for short, are three specific elements of nutrition: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These macronutrients make up the calories that we consume every day. You may be asking yourself how many macros you should be eating? The answer is, it’s different for every person.

This is why you need a knowledgeable macro coach to help you along your journey, who will be able to help you adjust when you need to so that you get to the goal we set for you. Each week, you will check in with your coach. We will listen to what’s going on with your body, your biofeedback, and from there, we will adjust your macros accordingly until we find the numbers your body responds the best to. Remember, a caloric deficit is important, but it must not be too little or too much of a deficit. Your body will fight to hold onto the body fat you’re trying to shed if you deplete it too much.

Don’t leave your nutritional health to a good guess, or an internet search. Let us help you lose body fat and maintain or build muscle to get the body you want in a HEALTHY way!