Keara Stokum

Keara Stokum



Helping others learn, challenge themselves, and realize how lucky they are, are pursuits that I am incredibly passionate about. My favorite part is helping someone (new or seasoned) learn or master something they didn’t think they could do and celebrating all of the small and big accomplishments with them. I love watching people gain confidence in themselves! On top of coaching I get the opportunity to program all the workouts for Incite, this is equally as rewarding as coaching! The best feeling is when someone says “because of this and this in your programming, I’ve been able to achieve this.” Sometimes that means they’ve lost weight or they increased strength on certain lifts or they improved their time/reps on benchmarks, doesn’t matter what. But each time I feel like I’ve aided someone in improving their life as an individual. That is truly an incredible feeling for me!

Outside of CrossFit, I thoroughly enjoy traveling and eating! I love exploring this beautiful world and finding all the best cookie joints across the globe. I will forever be a cookie addict. I also enjoy being outdoors, camping, fishing, boating, riding bikes, hiking – just anything active and spending as much time with family and friends as possible.

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