October 2018

Nutrition Coaching


Do You Need A Nutrition Coach? What is keeping you from having the body you want? What kind of health and nutrition habits have you created? If you’re feeling a little guilty right about now, that’s ok. We’ve been there too. That moment we realize we need to change some habits [...]

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September 2018

On Ramp


Everyone has their first day jitters. Yours won’t survive our high five culture. Welcome to Incite. By now, we know that everyone in the known universe has heard of CrossFit. What they’ve heard and how they feel about it can vary as much as taste in music. The same [...]

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This thing we call Incite   I thought maybe because I am the proud owner of Incite, an even prouder US Army veteran, an aspiring CrossFit Athlete, Tonto Basin Legend and shuffle board champion, survivor of growing up in Stockton, California (yikes), proud father of two active duty service members and [...]