March 2019

April 6th Mobility Event


Hey CrossFit Athletes!!! How often do you need time off or WODs modified due to your back being flared up from the workout the day or two before? If you are like most athletes, this is happening frequently. END THE FRUSTRATION!!! Discover how to resolve this once and for all. It is possible for you [...]

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January 2019

CrossFit Incite Clinics


Who’s ready to learn crossfit skills? CrossFit Incite is very excited to offer clinics to our Athletes to help you learn specialized skills through 4 weeks of dedicated practice under the instruction of a professional coach! Our coaches will instruct the clinics in improving your Muscle Ups, Double Under, Rope Climbing, [...]

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The 2019 CrossFit Open


The 2019 CrossFit Open is HERE!!!!   Who’s ready to have some fun??? The CrossFit Open is for every single person at each and every fitness level. It’s an opportunity to come together as a community to workout, push yourself and each other, and rock the functional fitness sport we all know as [...]

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October 2018

Granite Games


****UPDATE**** Registration is Live! If you have not done so already, bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates! They're going to be coming down the pipeline quick and in a hurry! Don't miss out! Please share with your CrossFit community as well to get the word out about where [...]

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Barbells for Boobs


1/8 A woman's odds of being diagnosed with breast cancer is 1/8. That is a scary statistic. Bringing awareness can help encourage women to get screened each year, to know what to look for during self-exams, and to get checked by a healthcare professional early if they have any suspicions that they have found [...]

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