A woman’s odds of being diagnosed with breast cancer is 1/8. That is a scary statistic. Bringing awareness can help encourage women to get screened each year, to know what to look for during self-exams, and to get checked by a healthcare professional early if they have any suspicions that they have found something amiss. Below is the story of one of our Incite ladies whose life was touched by breast cancer when her mom was diagnosed. This is why Team Jimbo Incite Strong is fundraising this Breast Cancer Awareness month to donate to Barbells for Boobs.

My mom is the one you see at all the “‘fundraising/ charity walks/runs, causes” not the one in need of one. She started up a team of fellow teachers, completing the Susan G Komen 3 day, 60 mile walk in honor of a co-worker they lost to breast cancer. I remember my mom walking for hours, showering in semi-trucks and sleeping in tents outdoors every year on my birthday because that is when the Phoenix walk took place. I remember her feet being so swollen and covered in blisters the days that followed the 60 mile trek. But did she ever complain, hell no!

She has supported my sister and I during various missions to fundraise whether it be for Autism Awareness, Brain Cancer, Mental Health Awareness or just out there cheering us on a sporting events or CrossFit competitions, she was always the loudest and proudest! She wears the hat of many titles: special needs teacher, a loving mother, devoted wife, but she never wanted to be labeled or seen as a cancer patient. 

Through 2 surgeries, the first being a lumpectomy from her left side to only weeks later finding out they needed to go back in and take both breast and multiple lymph nodes, to extensive chemo and radiation, she never let anyone see her a “sick” or in pain. She continued to work everyday, other then chemo treatment days, continued her grandmother duties and even attending pre-natal appointments with me! She hosted as always thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, all while loosing her hair and quickly becoming weaker from fatigue and exhaustion. But nothing stopped her, this is what she did every year and she wasn’t going to let some disease keep her from living her life! I have no clue how she did it other then she is one tough  broad! Words will never due justice to truly how strong and tough she is. I am one lucky, blessed, proud girl to call her my mama! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for your generous donation! I know cancer has impacted many of us in this community and I can’t thank you enough for coming together to support such a great cause. I love this charity because it ties in what I love most my mom and my outlet, CrossFit! The money we raise will go to  support women who can not afford to get proper screenings done as well as in their recovery such as paying for gym memberships. Insurance doesn’t recognize early screenings, as mammograms aren’t recommended or typically referred to until you are at least 40. Barbell for Boobs was started for those in their 20s and 30s that were failed to be diagnosed simple because “they were to young”  You guys are all rockstars! Let’s keep fighting the good fight!!

~Casey Nelson

Come down and do our Barbells for Boobs WOD on October 20th at 9am to do a partner WOD. Wear pink, or your special edition Barbells for Boobs shirt, bring a friend, and help raise awareness for the 1/8!