At CrossFit Incite, you will not find any machines – instead, you will find kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, tractor tires, battle ropes, open space for running, jumping, climbing, lifting, and throwing. We are a community that supports and motivates one another to reach new fitness goals and set new standards for ourselves each and every day. CrossFit workouts will deliver phenomenal fitness in and of themselves or as a complement to your sport-specific training regime.



Bailey Gift

I am a small town girl who came to Incite all the way from Richfield, Utah. I didn’t find my love of CrossFit until I married my sweet husband and moved to AZ. I started CrossFit in Sept of 2014, became a Level One in Aug of 2015 and Level Two in March of 2016. When I started coaching CrossFit, it brought a whole new level of love for health and fitness. Being a coach is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

My favorite part is helping someone (new or seasoned) learn or master something they didn’t think they could do and celebrating all of the small and big accomplishments with them. I love watching people gain confidence in themselves! On top of coaching I get the opportunity to program all the workouts for Incite, this is equally as rewarding as coaching! The best feeling is when someone says “because of this and this in your programming, I’ve been able to achieve this.” Sometimes that means they’ve lost weight or they increased strength on certain lifts or they improved their time/reps on benchmarks, doesn’t matter what. But each time I feel like I’ve aided someone in improving their life as an individual. That is truly an incredible feeling for me!

Outside of CrossFit, I thoroughly enjoy traveling and eating! I love exploring this beautiful world and finding all the best cookie joints across the globe. I will forever be a cookie addict. I also enjoy being outdoors, camping, fishing, boating, riding bikes, hiking – just anything active and spending as much time with family and friends as possible.

Erin Finch

I found my love for Crossfit in May 2012. I had just had surgery on my ankle in December of 2011. As I was recovering, when a friend of mine (who had also had knee surgery) called me and told me to watch a re-run of the CrossFit Games. We promised each other that as soon as we were cleared to work out again that we would do CrossFit. As soon as my first week was over I knew I wanted to stick with it. And shortly after, I got my Level 1.

I grew up in a small town in northern Arizona and was very active in sports all my life. Living in a small town gave me the opportunity to play and be active in multiple sports.

I am a mom of four amazing children. I love coaching and that I get to see and be a part of members progress as they strive to meet their goals.

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Kids

McDavid Dobson

Hello, my name is McDavid (David) Dobson. I am 46 years old, and I have been a student of CrossFit for close to 10 years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to train with and learn from some of the best coaches in the business (both local and abroad). I have been able to train in speciality courses that include endurance, weightlifting and Kids CrossFit. Teaching CrossFit is an escape for me because it allows me to focus on something I am passionate about.

1. What motivates you?
Being told I can’t do it. Finding new limits and breaking thru them.

2. What is the one reason you wanted to become a coach?
To help others exceed their own expectations. Great feeling when you see an athlete accomplish something they thought they could never do.

3. Favorite quote?
“Judge not, unless ye be judged yourself.”

4. Favorite “cheat” meal?
Ice Cream (no hesitation).

5. Travel anywhere in the world – where would it be?
I would love to experience Italy with my wife, but not tourist Italy. Little town Italy, wine, food, Italy. Off the beaten path. My family and I are currently saving for a trip to Malaysia hopefully next year.

6. What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Hummus, Almond milk, Egg whites, lean meats, vegetables, fruits. No Ice Cream.

7. What is your favorite WOD?
I don’t really like any of them but “GI Jane” and “Bear Complex” are kinda different and cool.

8. Hardest WOD ever done?
SEVEN. Period. End of story.

9. Favorite workout song?
Tough question. I love a lot of different music. Anything by Volbeat usually gets me going.

I hope this gives you some insight as to what I’m about.

Becky Jones

The best part of coaching CrossFit is the look on an athletes’ faces when they accomplish a goal or learn a new skill. I have had the privilege of coaching CF Incite athletes for years. I get to help athletes work hard and achieve great things. I have a deep love for our community and helping our athletes become better every day. I love seeing movement patterns in people and helping them improve to become better movers.

I love Olympic weightlifting; it’s one of my favorite things to coach and to participate in. I am an Eat to Perform Nutrition Coach. I teach others how to use flexible dieting by counting macros. I focus on teaching balance in all aspects of life to attain better health. I am passionate about nutrition and love helping others gain a better relationship and understanding of food. I’ve been married to my husband for 19 years. We have four beautiful daughters who keep me busy and I try to be a positive example of health, fitness, and life for them! When I’m not at Incite coaching, you can find me watching movies with my family, running my kiddos to activities, and making and eating yummy food.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals.” Zig Zigler

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer
Crossfit Weightlifting
USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
CrossFit Kids Coach
Eat to Perform Nutrition Coach

Cory Gerard

Coming Soon

Cassidi Klingler

Hi! I am Cassidi. I started CrossFit in August of 2013 and haven’t ever turned back. After a very difficult miscarriage in 2014, I turned to CrossFit for healing both emotionally and physically. I dedicated a year of my life to training as hard as I could and ended up as a CrossFit regional team alternate. That was an awesome experience! I have worked with some extremely talented CrossFitters, but have found that my passion lies in teaching the beginners.

Watching people get their firsts, or new PRs is what I love about this sport! I got my Level 1 certification in October of 2015 and have loved coaching ever since. Along with my CrossFit certification, I also have my BS in Exercise and Wellness from ASU. I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and kids, hiking, swimming, playing basketball, or reading.

CrossFit Level 1
Bachelor in Exercise Science
5 Local CrossFit comp wins
2014 Crossfit Regionals – 9th Place Overall in Teams Division

Lindsay Karren

I began CrossFit in January of 2008 as a way to get physically prepared to play soccer for Louisiana Tech University. While in school I earned my Level 1 certification and coached at CrossFit Ruston, in Ruston, LA. After moving to Salt Lake City I started coaching at CrossFit South Valley and was the head trainer there for a number of years before coaching at CrossFit OUR. I met my husband, Kade, when I dropped in at CrossFit Generator in 2013. We have two kids.

Outside of CrossFit I love the arts. I have a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and a second degree in Graphic Design.

CrossFit L-1
CrossFit L-2
CrossFit Endurance Certified
CrossFit Power Lifting Certified
CrossFit Mobility Certified
USA Weightlifting L-1

Jamie Ashton

My love for sport is what first led me to join CrossFit Incite in February of 2013. I mean, who wants to leave behind sports in high school or college and not be able to compete anymore? After finding Incite, I again found competition, team, unity, and an amazing community! Also, I never thought I could be in better shape in my 30’s than I was in my 20’s!

In 2016, I earned my Level 1 CrossFit certificate and became a coach at Incite. My favorite things about coaching are getting to see member transformations, getting to see people reach their goals or get that new PR, and being around awesome people that motivate me and make me laugh. I love the family style atmosphere and how everyone encourages and pushes one another. If you attend the 5 or 6 am class, please come to an afternoon class at some point or else we may never meet… I can barely walk down my stairs that early. #truestory

A little about me… I have been married to my husband Justin for 15 years. We have three daughters that keep us entertained and busy. I am a Queen Creek Native. I played sports growing up and softball in junior college but, despite some rumors I have heard, I was not a collegiate jumproper (if that is a thing, haha!) I was, however, an elementary school Jazzy Jumper where I was taught how to do the beloved double under and other sweet jump rope skills.

I love my family and friends, Jesus, coffee, the beach, hoodie weather, Fall (in other places), football, dancing, designing, decorating, photography, and of course fitness!

Keara Stokkum

I cannot even begin to describe how passionate I am about what I do. I love working with every type of athlete I can get into any one of my classes. No matter where someone lands in their current lifting abilities, there is always room for new and exciting goals, and I absolutely love helping any and every one achieve every one of those goals, smashing them, and moving onto the next!

I have been part of Incite since 2014, receiving my USA Weightlifting and Iron Athlete Weightlifting certifications in 2015 and my Level 1 CrossFit certification in 2018. I’ve trained and competed with veteran Olympic weightlifting coach Matt Foreman, and placed in the top two every time I have competed. I have coached high school students, taking her to local competitions and helping her all the way to the podium.

When I coach, I pay extra attention to form and movement. I am also a massage therapist outside the box, and I know that when you’re not moving right, you’re going to hurt yourself. Form is the absolute foundation to any Olympic lift, and I am dedicated to making sure you’re not only getting stronger and faster, but that you’re moving right so that we can keep on training!

When I’m not inside the box, I am spending time with my husband of 12 years, Landis and our three kids. I love spending time with my friends, competing in CrossFit throwdowns, lifting, lake days, and traveling; I love it all. Thank you for learning all this neat stuff about me, and I cannot WAIT to see you at CrossFit Incite!

Bryan Palmaioli

I received my bachelors degree in Special Education and Early Childhood Education at Misericordia University in Dallas, PA. I moved to Arizona in 2014 and began teaching special education in the Queen Creek Unified School District. I have worked with students that have Autism, Health Impairments, Learning Disabilities, and Orthopedic Impairments.

I joined Crossfit Incite in June 2015 and fell in love with the community and the fitness. I love competing in Crossfit events, running Spartan Races and most of all spending time with family. I love seeing athletes progress in ways that they never thought possible.
Casey Nelson

I received my Master’s in Occupational Therapy at A.T. Stills University in Mesa, AZ. I earned my undergraduate in Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University. While attending school, I gained experience and background working as a personal trainer at a local fitness center and interning as a strength and conditioning coach with Maricopa community college athletes.

I love to volunteer for local events such as charity fun run/walks and Day on the Lake, put on by Barrow’s Neurological Institute, allowing those with disabilities to participate in adaptive water sports. Currently, I work for Horizon Pediatric Therapy, working with children with special needs birth to 21. When I am not at the clinic, I love competing in CrossFit here at Incite as well as playing co-ed softball and spending time with my family.


Adam Petropolis
Adam PetropolisNutrition Coach

You see; I’m what you might call a “process guy”. I like to look at the big picture, break it down to it’s parts and discover the principles that govern the end result. This ideology is summed up by one of my favorite sayings… “Methods are many; principles are few. Methods may change, but principles never do.” In short, if you understand the WHY (principles), then you can apply a different HOW (methods) and still achieve a desired WHAT (result). To that regard, there are many methods to nutrition, yet all of them follow the same set of principles. With my experience, I can expose these principles and pair them with your current lifestyle to ensure you achieve your desired results.

  • Owner/Founder Copper State FIT Nutrition
  • Born Tucson, AZ
  • Married (Rene), Two Kids (Austen and Stella), Two Dogs (Mac and Lola)
  • 15 years Fitness Industry Experience
  • BS Exercise & Wellness, Arizona State University… GO DEVILS!!!
  • NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
  • CrossFit L1
  • APEX Nutrition Certification
  • DotFit Nutrition Certification
  • TRX

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